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Integrating English Conference 2017

Friday 3rd November, Aston University, Birmingham

Registration now open here!

All delegates will receive a FREE Cambridge University Press textbook




from 9.30am Arrival, registration, coffee


9.50-10.05am Introduction to the Day

Dr Billy Clark, Dr Marcello Giovanelli, Dr Andrea Macrae


10.05- 10.55am Dialect in Film, Literature and Performance  

Professor Urszula Clark (Aston University)


This workshop considers ways in which representation of dialect plays an important role in setting the scene, establishing character, showing relationships between characters and highlighting thematic concerns, as well as implications of such use beyond the text in terms of perpetuating or challenging stereotypes of different kinds of speakers.


10.55-11.10am Coffee


11.10-12.00pm Doing Discourse Analysis Online

Dr Stephen Pihlaja (Newman University)


In this talk, I'll outline ways in which students can undertake discourse analysis using online data, using my own work on YouTube and Facebook as an example. I'll explain what we mean by 'discourse analysis' and show how students can be taught to collect and analyse data from online sources.


12.00-12.50pm Re-reading in the classroom

Dr Chloe Harrison (Coventry University)


A schema is a package of information about certain things, events and situations. In reading, knowledge schemas are activated in order to help us make sense of the text. This workshop investigates how schemas work in texts with a ‘twist’ in particular, and examines the importance of re-reading in text analysis. 


12.50-1.30pm Lunch


1.30-2.20pm Integrating English: A Secondary Teacher’s Perspective

Cathy Eldridge (Saint John Wall Catholic College)


This session offers a secondary teacher’s perspective on developing meaningful links between ‘language’ and ‘literature’ work in the classroom. It will include practical suggestions for planning classroom activities that promote an integrated approach to English.



2.20-3.50pm Teaching Language and Literature with the CLiC Web App

Professor Michaela Mahlberg and Viola Wiegand (University of Birmingham)


This workshop introduces corpus stylistic techniques that can create exciting and enabling links between language and literature teaching. The session focuses on practical activities using the CLiC web app ( We will provide take-away exercises that are particularly useful for A-level English Language and Literature teachers.


3.50-4.00pm Coffee


4.00-4.50pm Resource Development Session

Dr Billy Clark, Dr Marcello Giovanelli, Dr Andrea Macrae


This session is designed to allow colleagues the opportunity to share ideas and plan activities using content from the day’s previous workshops. It will provide time for reflection, discussion and collaboration.


4.50-5.00 Final Discussion and Close

This event is kindly sponsored by the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) and Cambridge University Press

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