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Billy Clark
Professor of English Language and Linguistics, Northumbria University

Academic Profile

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My research and teaching interests are all connected in some way with meaning (semantics and pragmatics). I have a particular interest in how meanings are created and negotiated in specific contexts. I'm currently working on research in three areas: prosodic and multimodal meaning, stylistics and the inferential processes involved in writing.


I find questions about language and meaning endlessly fascinating and I'm convinced that everyone else does too.


I have been a member of several committees with pedagogical and educational interests. I am currently a member of a group working towards the development of an A Level in Linguistics and of the UK Linguistics Olympiad committee.


I am Director of The Lecture List and I have worked as a freelance writer on projects in a range of media (print, internet, film, tv, pop promotional video, brand language).


You can find a fuller list of talks and publications, and some downloadables, at my personal website:

Andrea Macrae          Principal Lecturer for Student Experience, Oxford Brookes University
Academic Profile

I worked with the AQA in developing aspects of the new Language and Literature A level specification, and co-wrote the student book supporting that course, focussing in particular on re-creative writing and extension activities supporting advanced students. 


At Oxford Brookes University, I teach and research in the areas of stylistics, narratology and cognitive poetics, and specialise in deixis. 


Marcello Giovanelli       Senior Lecturer in English Language and Literature, Aston University
Academic Profile

I have research and teaching interests in literary stylistics and educational linguistics. I have published work on the pedagogies and discourses of English language teaching in UK schools and within the field of cognitive stylistics, on Cognitive Grammar and on Text World Theory. In higher education, I have taught on programmes in English language and linguistics, stylistics, literary studies and teacher education, and have supervised masters and doctoral students on research programmes. Before working in higher education, I worked in secondary schools in London, Kent, Northamptonshire, and Warwickshire including time in post as a head of English, director of sixth form, assistant headteacher, and deputy headteacher.


I was the series editor for the suite of textbooks published by Cambridge University Press for the 2015 A levels in English and (with Dan Clayton) for the new Cambridge Topics in English Language, a series designed to support A level and beginning undergraduate students. I sit on the post 16/higher education committee of the National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE) and am a member of the Committee for Linguistics in Education (CLiE).


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